efferflu C Immune Booster extends its range with new flavours

efferflu C Immune Booster, has extended its range to provide even more options to people wanting to boost their immune system.

Pharma Dynamics recently launched, efferflu C Immune Booster Junior, as well as a new formulation that contains vitamin D. Additional flavours were also added to the existing offering.

Efferflu C immune booster
The efferflu C Immune Booster range is available in packs of 20 dissolvable effervescent tablets

Vital ingredients 

The new formulation, efferflu C Immune Booster Plus, still contains vital ingredients, such as vitamin C, zinc & echinacea, but now also has the added power of vitamin D.

Jordan Rumbelow, over-the-counter product manager for Pharma Dynamics says that this line extension was introduced in response to growing demand from consumers for a trusted, affordable immune-boosting supplement that also contains vitamin D.

“Vitamin D is a multifaceted ingredient that is critical for healthy bones and teeth, muscle health, energy, and of course boosting immunity.”

New flavours

Rumbelow says that the original winning formula of efferflu C Immune Booster, which has been available in orange flavour, is now also available in blackcurrant and raspberry.

It’s combination of Vitamin C, Zinc and echinacea provides potent immune support to help protect against colds, flu and other respiratory ailments. It can also assist with speeding up recovery when ill.

“We wanted to give consumers alternative flavour options, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, that would continue to excite their taste buds, while ingesting all the goodness that efferflu C Immune Booster has to offer.

“Blackcurrant and raspberry are both refreshing flavours and the bold shades of purple and red make them colourful and fun to drink,” says Rumbelow.

The three new additions strengthen the company’s existing efferflu C Immune Booster offering that brings the total to five in the product line. The complete range consist of:

  • efferflu C Immune Booster, which contains vitamin C, zinc and echinacea, available in orange, blackcurrant, and raspberry.
  • efferflu C Immune Booster Plus – formulated with vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc and echinacea, available in citrus flavour.
  • efferflu C Immune Booster Junior (ages 4 to 14), which also contains vitamin C and zinc is available in berry flavour.

The efferflu C Immune Booster range is available in packs of 20 dissolvable effervescent tablets and can be purchased at leading pharmacies nationwide as well as other credible e-commerce platforms.

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