Efficiency and performance

Ingco Cordless Drill

The Ingco 18V Li-Ion Cordless Drill is a two-speed 18V 1.5Ah cordless drill with a 10mm keyless chuck

The Ingco level of quality and performance at the Ingco price point is unbeatable in the South African marketplace.

The Ingco 18V Li-Ion Cordless Drill continues the run of success that the Ingco power tool family is enjoying. It is a high technology cordless drill which offers the user a long lasting, powerful and efficient tool that lives up to the high standards that Ingco sets for itself.

The Ingco 18V Li-Ion Cordless Drill is a two-speed 18V 1.5Ah cordless drill with a 10mm keyless chuck. It’s maximum torque force is 30Nm and it has 18+1 torque settings.

The Ingco drill comes complete with a spare battery, a 2 hour fast charger and a 13 piece accessory set. All of this is packaged in a blow moulded case.

The battery for this INGCO machine is very sophisticated:

  • It is a high capacity 1.5AH battery which lasts longer
  • It has over current protection which prevents heavy current from damaging the motor and lengthens the life of the motor
  • It has over voltage protection which prevents the battery from deep discharging which leads to a longer battery life
  • It has over temperature protection which protects the machine and keeps the operator safe
  • It has charge/discharge protection which improves safety and the lifetime of the machine
  • It has an LED battery power indicator.

The motor on the Ingco Cordless Drill is also high technology. It is a compact two-speed gearbox design and the motor uses high quality copper which makes it powerful, efficient and long lasting. It has an agile electric brake which makes stopping and starting the motor very precise. It has a precise speed control switch which gives the operator complete control of the


The Ingco Cordless Drill has high precision metal gears with high quality Mobil lubricating oil which decreases friction and increases power and performance. There is an LED lamp on the front of the drill to light the workplace.

All of these features elevate the Ingco Cordless Drill to the top echelons of what is available on the market today.

It is the attention to detail and the investment in high quality components combined with an obsession to design the best power tool in the world that sets Ingco apart from the rest of the pack.

This is a power tool designed to perform and designed to last and it is offered at a price that is unbeatable at that quality and performance level.

Ingco products stand their ground against the major tools brands in the world. With a global distribution network the Ingco brand is fast becoming a name brand of its own.

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