Endecotts AirSizer 200

The AirSizer 200 is a sieving machine which is able to sieve finer particles than a vibratory sieving machine. This is due to the fact that it works under pressure as well as there being a slight negative pressure, which is generated by a vacuum cleaner that is attached to the AirSizer.

The vacuum cleaner creates an airstream which sucks air from the sieving chamber and therefore helps the particles being sieved, to pass through the mesh.  Air is supplied by a rotating nozzle and disperses the particles on to the sieve mesh. Directly after dispersion, the air is caught by the airstream and sucked out of the sieving chamber by the vacuum cleaner.

Oversized particles will remain on the sieve, while the undersized ones will be sucked through, allowing the user to analyse the material and particle distribution. It is suitable for cohesive and very sticky material. The pressure – 20, 21 mbar – sieving time, times down, and speed in rpm of the nozzle can all be adjusted.

The Endecotts AirSizer 200 is the most ideal machine for air jet sieving available on the market.

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