Energy crisis creates new market opportunities

Solar power and lights from Sungrid Group“It is a sad reality that our country’s load shedding days are far from over, but this is opening up a whole new market and revenue opportunity for local retailers,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director of Sungrid Group.

With over 20 years’ international retail experience, Hubers strongly believes that the use of portable (solar) power and lights will not only go a long way to eradicate our country’s current energy crisis, but simultaneously will enable local retailers to meet consumer needs whilst increasing revenue.

“Answering market demand should be the first priority within any retail business. In light of interrupted power supply being, at times, almost a daily occurrence, local retailers have a new revenue stream just waiting to be explored.”

The Sungrid Group’s range of portable (solar) plug-and-play products is offering South African retailers, and through them the local consumer, access to viable, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives not previously available.

Upon relocation to South Africa a few years ago, Hubers took advantage of the fact that South Africa receives a far higher quantity of ‘sunshine hours’ compared to many other countries and that the use of solar was not being capitalised on.

Spotting a gap in the local market, Hubers and his partners designed and manufactured a range of portable (solar) power and lighting products. In addition, they also produced easy to understand retail packaging and effective point of sale material for local retailers.

“The energy landscape, and how we consume electricity, has changed,” adds Hubers. Add to that the increasing inability of Eskom to meet local requirements, and it is easy to conclude that the time is ripe for a new market to emerge.

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