New biodegradable opacifier for rinse-off formulations

By Abby Vorster

EOC Surfactants unveils Exopacif MPF – a biodegradable opacifier that supports formulators looking to develop microplastic-free rinse-off formulations.

Exopacif MPF is ideal for a stable, white and
creamy hand wash formulation (Image: Unsplash)

EOC Surfactants has developed a biodegradable and high performance opacifier that can be used in a wide variety of rinse-off formulations such as shampoos, bath and shower products, and liquid soaps etc.

Exopacif MPF is an environmentally friendly alternative to the synthetic styrene/acrylates based opacifier, which means it is microplastic free. Microplastic-free formulations seek to avoid potential hazards posed by microplastic particles with prolonged persistence in the environment and a potential to bioaccumulate.

Dual advantages for consumers and formulators

The biodegradable opacifier is based on ingredients of natural origin. It offers consumer perceivable benefits as well as formulator advantages.

Exopacif MPF ensures stable, creamy and white formulations in line with the expectations of modern consumers and solves various challenges for formulators. It is cold processable and can be added directly to the formulation. Pre-dilution is not required, which makes the product easy to use. It also effective at a low dosage level​ and ensures stable formulations​.

Exopacif MPF is developed with nature in mind. The biodegradable opacifier is available in South Africa from Savannah Fine Chemicals.

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