Equotip 550 Portable Hardness Tester

imp-digital-2Proceq’s brand-new Equotip® UCI probe comes with a globally unique feature – the adjustable test load.

This allows the user to set five different test loads from HV1 to HV5, thus making it unnecessary to purchase more than one probe for this load range, and it enables finding and selecting the ideal load for a specific application.

In addition, this technology makes measurements much more stable and user independent. Equotip® 550 UCI complies with ASTM 1038-2013 and DIN 50159-2015.

With Leeb, Portable Rockwell and UCI, Equotip® 550 now combines three of the most widely used portable hardness test methods in a single instrument.

Furthermore, the combination of Portable Rockwell with either Leeb or UCI can now be utilised to overcome material and geometrical limitations while staying completely portable. The advanced user interface, unique touchscreen features and personalised screens further improve usability for smooth on-site testing. Fully customisable test reports can be generated right on the instrument.

Covering broad hardness testing applications

Equotip 550 comes loaded with interactive wizards handpicked for specific industry applications such as oil, gas, automotive, aerospace and manufacturing, in order to increase reliability and to assure precise measurements.

Leeb rebound hardness testing is mainly used for on-site testing of large forging and cast component but is also applied for testing composites, rubber and rock. The Portable Rockwell test method is particularly suited for thin and light objects and scratch-sensitive polished components. UCI is used for objects with any shape and heat-treated surfaces (weld inspection, heat affected zones).


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