Ensure safety and efficiency in laboratory weighing

For a laboratory to reach peak efficiency, personal peace of mind must be a priority. The Erlab Secure Captair weighing station guarantees an outstanding level of safety for users, providing the required stability as well as the level of accuracy required when weighing in the laboratory.

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The Erlab Secure Captair weighing station eliminates any risk of personnel being exposed to toxic products (Image: Labotec)

Erlab solutions are designed to ensure people’s safety when handling chemicals in the laboratory. Based on the principle of filtration, the Secure Captair weighing station offers increased protection against the risk of chemical inhalation caused by the emission of harmful molecules and particles at the workstation. It is ideal for hazardous operations that require a confined environment, eliminating any risk of personnel being exposed to toxic products.

It guarantees users an excellent level of stability and accuracy required for applications up to 10-6 g during laboratory weighing. The smart technology embedded in Erlab weighing stations keeps users safe, while a powerful light-based communication interface provides intuitive information about the operating status of the weighing stations.

Easy installation process

Erlab solutions are quick and easy to install. Unlike connected systems, they do not require a ventilation system linked to an air supply and extraction system to be installed. All you need is one plug to get up and running, and you can get set up at any suitable moment.

The containment and filtration of the Secure Captair weighing station are guaranteed by its compliance with the AFNOR NF X15-211 standard.

Delivering energy savings

Erlab solutions can be easily moved within a laboratory to suit the user’s protection needs, and without affecting the ventilation balance of the room. Creating ventilation balance is essential for connected systems to function correctly, yet this requires significant energy consumption. Erlab solutions do not incur energy costs for the extraction and supply of conditioned air. They also don’t have high operational costs, even taking into account the cost of changing the filter.

Thanks to the modular design of the Flex technology within a Secure Captair weighing station, the filters are stacked vertically in the filtration column, allowing carbon filters to be combined with HEPA or ULPA filters to suit your protection requirements.

In addition to the weighing stations, Erlab has chemical handling solutions in the form of advanced filtration fume hoods and customised instrument enclosures. It also offers solutions for chemical storage equipped with either Smart filtering storage cabinets or filtration boxes for existing flammable cabinets. Lab air pollution is also a worry of the past with Erlab’s Halo air purifiers and Hals Sense air quality sensors.

Erlab’s laboratory solutions are available in South Africa from Labotec.

Labotec Technical Services

Labotec Technical Services offers a broad repair and maintenance programme, personal technical support, and a selection of service level/maintenance contracts. As the recognised national accredited service agent for various international manufacturers, including Erlab, customers are also guaranteed original spare parts.

Labotec also offers:

• On-site service and repairs

• In-house service and repairs

• Service contracts or preventative service agreements (for specific equipment).

All equipment sold by Labotec includes free installation. There may be a few exceptions to the free installation, but this will be indicated in the specific quotation. The company’s technicians are fully qualified to install all equipment it supplies.

Labotec banner PCR Jan 2024

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