EST exhibitions are back in force

EST Building welcomed the return of its trade shows hitting the exhibition road running with three trade shows in each of the major centres of South Africa.

The EST Trade Show kicked off in Johannesburg at Emperors Palace followed at the ICC in Durban and then Cape Town.

Being able to host these trade shows was a great relief for the group, suppliers and EST retailers. This was evident by both the number of exhibitors, with more than 120 per venue, and the number of visitors to each show. The venues were packed and suppliers were busy throughout the day taking orders, showcasing new and existing products, and answering questions.

DIY & Industrial Trade News attended the Johannesburg event and were encouraged to see many new exhibitors spanning not only product suppliers but several exciting new financial exhibitors who had packages to aid retailers/suppliers through the tough times that South African businesses are facing post Covid. The Covid effects coupled with the high petrol price and the devastation of the KwaZulu-Natal floods. The general economic outlook for consumers has put a squeeze on all business, but EST Building is fortunate to be in hardware and building sector, a sector that weathers these storms better than most.

Best stand awards were handed out at each of the venues to the top three:




Marshal Tools

Cape Town

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