Estate Living And Added Security

The benefits of security shutters in lifestyle estates

An example of how shutters can provide privacy in a lifestyle estate is American Shutters’ recent installation of custom-made Decowood™ shutters at a home in the Val de Vie Estate in Paarl in the Western Cape. The shutters, installed in the bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, seamlessly complement the interior design of the home and make the utmost of the natural surroundings.

There are two factors that drive the popularity of communal living in South Africa: the natural beauty of our country that provides ample opportunities for lifestyle estate living and the increasing need for security.

If you are living in a sectional title complex or lifestyle estate, it’s important to determine if the existing safety elements are adequate. Ensuring that your house or unit is safe and that your family enjoy the requisite privacy is not always the responsibility of the estate management or body corporate. Security estates usually implement a combination of security measures, but individual owners are still responsible to ensure the safety of their own homes and if necessary install additional security features to their exclusive use areas.

Karina Palmer of American Shutters says: “The security and lifestyle benefits of estate living are obvious, but one potential drawback is the loss of privacy. Although the community concept of estate living allows residents free and safe access to the shared areas and facilities, it also puts homes and residents in close proximity impacting on personal privacy. Installing shutters will protect your privacy because with a simple tilt of the louvres homeowners can obstruct sight lines into their homes without losing views, natural light and fresh air.”

The benefits of security shutters over burglar bars are numerous, security shutters by comparison are aesthetically pleasing and offer the same protection against violent intrusion, if not more. The shutters are powder coated for a corrosion resistant finish presenting a simple elegance that is not obtrusive and can be installed outside or inside homes.

Sliding glass doors are a popular feature for creating a seamless indoor / outdoor flow, however, they are also a favourite target for criminals. Retractable security grilles offer no privacy to prevent snoopers with ulterior motives. Security shutters with operable aluminium louvres maintain security and privacy by closing flush against each other. The shutters are usually installed on the inside of the glass doors which facilitates the tilting of the louvres to check on noises or movements outside.

A good starting point when evaluating what added safety measures property owners can take is to consider how the windows, doors and openings with large surface areas can be secured, what type of materials should be used and what to expect in terms of durability.

American Shutters’ Security Shutters are hard to beat when it comes to combining security and privacy with the lifestyle expectations of beauty, durability and value.

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