ethereal by Beverley Claire is unveiled as a new sustainable fragrance

Classified as a parfum, ethereal by Beverley Claire sets a new precedent in the fine fragrance category with its innovative and sustainable packaging technology. In a striking departure from the decades-long industry norm of glassed fragrances, ethereal is packaged in a recyclable aluminium can that uses bag-on-valve (BOV) technology. 

BOV is a superior spray dispensing system, with up to 100% product emptying – so your fragrance is ‘good to the last drop’. The technology dispenses an even and controlled spray pattern, which is delivered optimally at any angle. With BOV there is also no need to use flammable propellants. Throughout its shelf life, the product remains sealed inside a bag, offering complete protection against oxidation and avoiding any risk of contamination.

A group pack shot of ethereal’s primary and second packaging
ethereal by Beverley Claire is packaged in a re-useable and recyclable aluminium can and its secondary packaging is also recyclable

Reusable and recyclable packaging

The primary packaging of ethereal can be re-used up to 10 times thanks to the BOV technology. The re-use programme is managed via the Beverley Claire website where consumers go to notify the company their perfume can is empty. Empty cans are collected at no cost and prepared to be re-used in the next manufacturing cycle.

After their 10th use, the cans are recycled ensuring they never end up in landfill. The secondary packaging of ethereal is also recyclable and it doesn’t have that outer plastic sleeve typically found on most premium cosmetics and fragrances.

To ensure ethereal by Beverley Claire is fully traceable, each can is marked with a unique code that can be tracked at any stage of a product’s life cycle, until it is recycled. Total traceability of a product is guaranteed from ‘cradle to grave’, providing the conscientious, woke consumer with peace of mind.

Driver of sustainable development

Beverley Claire has entered ethereal in the 2020/2021 P&C Review / Symrise New Product Competition. Discussing her vision for the brand, Beverley Gardner says she wanted to create a transparent and sustainable fragrance that could compete in the premium fragrance category, without compromising the beauty of our planet.

“Together we can reduce the harmful impact of indulgent consumerism. Together we can promote sustainable living so that we don’t have to feel guilty about our purchases polluting the planet,” she explains.

Inspired by the innocence and ignorance of one’s youth and unhindered by the world’s consumerist mindset, Gardner has joined forces with several dynamic partners to further co-create a world worth living in. Beverley Claire uses smart technology to drive sustainable development and educate consumers. Beverley Claire is also committed to sourcing all its packaging and the majority of its raw materials and ingredients locally.

A transparent and influential brand

Gardner firmly believes brands have the power to influence people to make the right choice!

“We all have the ability to make informed decisions on whether to recycle or re-use products. But most importantly, we have the right to refuse to purchase products that are unsustainable and to refuse to support brands that are consciously polluting our planet,” she exclaims.

Beverley Claire’s target market is the consumers who are protective of their planet and who desire to engage with a brand that is totally transparent. Check out Beverley Claire on Facebook or follow the brand on Instagram.

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