Euromonitor to host Eyes on Africa Conference 

Expert presenters will discuss consumer trends, opportunities and the dynamic economic landscape.

Global market research company Euromonitor International will host the annual Eyes on Africa: Embracing Economic Realities and Consumer Dynamics event, at The Tryst in Woodlands, Johannesburg on Tuesday, 11 June.   

The event held from 9 am to 12:30 pm (SAST), will attract more than 80 people from the fast-moving consumer goods industry. Euromonitor experts will reveal evolving consumer trends and new opportunities in the ever-changing economic landscape. On the agenda are two key presentations and a panel discussion with guest speakers.  

Event presentations and speakers

Unlocking Sub-Saharan Africa’s Growth Potential in the Current Economic Climate 
Speaker: Peter Hirst, Associate Consultant at Euromonitor International 
Session details: Explore how the region of Sub-Saharan Africa is unlocking its growth potential in the current economic climate and gain insights into the current regional macro and socio-economic landscape. 

Key Trends and Strategies for Success in Consumer-Facing Industries   
Speaker: Rubab Abdoolla, Research Consultant at Euromonitor International 
Session details: Explore the latest consumer trends within the dynamic consumer environment, adapting to inflationary pressures and shifting consumer sentiment.   

Panel Discussion: Navigating Market Volatility: Strategies for FMCG Growth in Africa 
Moderator: David Nyamasvisva, Sales Team Leader at Euromonitor International 
Session details: To gain opportunities in consumer-facing industries, including services, across Africa, businesses must implement various strategic and tactical approaches for delivering goods and services. These include clear market segmentation, adapting to evolving consumer needs through innovation, optimising portfolios and supply chains, targeted marketing and embracing digital transformation. 

Rubab Abdoolla, Research Consultant at Euromonitor International said: “Consumers strive to balance limited budgets with occasional indulgence, prompting retailers to rethink their offerings and embrace digital and social media platforms for enhanced engagement. ‘Eyes on Africa 2024’ will guide businesses through this uncertain consumer landscape within a challenging economic climate, supporting them in devising and executing effective strategies.” 

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