Evonik to become a preferred partner in sustainable specialities

At in-cosmetics Global, Evonik is cementing its position as the preferred sustainable specialities partner for the beauty and personal care industry.

The company has made significant progress towards this goal by adopting sustainability as a guiding business principle, leveraging technology platforms, creating more system solutions and implementing an ambitious acquisition strategy. In 2021, this strategy included the acquisition of the Swiss plant extract producer, Botanica and the cosmetic delivery systems company, Infinitec Activos.

Evonik has used its expertise in ceramides to launch new products

Speed of innovation has also led to numerous new product launches, which are being highlighted during in-cosmetics Global, from 5 to 7 April, in Paris, France. This includes the recent botanicals and bioactives launches, which expand Evonik’s active ingredients portfolio to include botanical extracts, cholesterol specialities and peptides.

According to Evonik, it also offers the largest and most advanced delivery system portfolio for the personal care and beauty industry. With Infinitec Activos, Evonik is now able to generate new concepts and enhance scientifically substantiated consumer cosmetic trends.

Net-zero emollient Tegosoft LO MB

For everyday skin care applications, Tegosoft LO MB is a natural alternative to mineral oil. It is 100% vegetable-based from a renewable feedstock and is produced using green chemistry (biocatalysis). This carbon neutral solution creates a skin feel comparable to mineral oil, helping formulators meet the demands of their consumers for more sustainable solutions without sacrificing sensory benefits.

New ceramides and sphingolipids

In the past six months Evonik has used its expertise in ceramides to launch four new products:

  1. Sphinox Defenda
  2. Sphinox Lift
  3. SK-Influx Evolve MB
  4. Rheasome CeraBoost.

Rheasome CeraBoost is based on a combination of a natural, biotech-derived delivery system with active ingredients, capable of boosting the skin’s own ceramide synthesis and replenishing skin lipids from within.

Product protection

Evonik offers a new digital tool on the platform intoBeauty, which provides tailor-made preservation recommendations that suit individual cosmetic formulations. A new technology concept is also available for natural preservation solutions for challenging systems.

Innovative and sustainable products

The broad portfolio of Aerosil, Sipernat and Spherilex enables the production of innovative and sustainable products, e.g. “waterless” formulations which require less or even no water. The technology supports a reduction of water consumption. Formulations are used in solid care products such as dry shampoo and lipstick, and in special powders that consumers can mix with water via a refill concept, e.g. in soap, shampoo and shower gel.

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