The Smart Home - home automation

excellumax at Decorex Joburg 2019 home automation system

Launched at Decorex Joburg 2019, Excellumax’s ABB-free@home®, the entire home can be controlled not only with switches but now even more practically: by smartphone or tablet and via touch or voice control.

This allows home automation to be managed in a way that’s mobile and smart, precise and flexible. For example, if the light atmosphere needs to be changed, tapping on the touchscreen or a
simple voice command moves the blinds or changes the colours of the lights. Experience the future of smart living today.

Smart. ABB-free@home® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning or door communication – comfort, safety and efficiency can finally be remotely controlled. Via a switch on the wall, via voice control or with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

home automation control through the smart phone

Comfortable right from the start. It begins with commissioning and continues later when used as a part of daily life. With ABB-free@home® all applications in and around the house are amazingly easy to combine.

ABB-free@home® is easy to operate and at the same time flexible and adaptable to everyday situations or to those very special moments in life.
And here, complete scenes can be played automatically or be set or called up spontaneously to suit the mood.

For a perfect evening after a long day at work. Simply at the press of a button. ABB-free@home® cares for a friendly reception when arriving at home. With a colourful display of light, pleasant room temperature and your favourite music. Precisely the right atmosphere for relaxing.

Everything is in perfect order at home. Because ABB-free@home® brings life into rooms that are at times unoccupied. For this, the system stores the habits of the residents while they are at home and then calls them up during their absence.

The simplest type of switch-off. ABB-free@home® offers this with the everything-off function. It is especially practical when leaving the house.
It simultaneously switches off all networked devices in all rooms.

The new independence. Creating the perfect indoor climate or ideal illumination can now be done via flexible and precise remote control – with the touch of a finger or voice commands. Operation is as simple as desired.

smart home automation system

The REACT system is an intelligent solution for residential photovoltaic systems. The system allows to optimally distribute solar energy towards the appliances in the house, to store it for later use when needed or to feed it into the public network. Efficient and flexible.

One system, many extensions. Every home can be turned into a Smart Home. With its cabled or wireless sensors, actuators and control elements, ABB-free@home® is comprehensive and practical. Both for new as well as old buildings. Home automation knows no limits.

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