Experience water at its best with 5th generation HydroTap

Say Hello to the all-new G5 HydroTap.

Launch of 5th generation Hydrotap.

The all-new HydroTap, now in its 5th generation, the most advanced product to date and represents several innovations that deliver higher quality, increased efficiency, and improved hygiene. Allowing the convenience of instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water, all filtered, and at the touch of a button for instant hydration and convenience in any workplace kitchen and residential home.


  • New design: The sleeker new look tap is available in one of 5 ultra-modern finishes, including chrome, matte black and brushed rose gold, brushed gold and gunmetal.
  • More intuitive sparkling water activation: Button activation on the new antimicrobial touchpad means anyone can now use the product without instruction.
  • More intuitive controls: Now featuring a continuous flow feature to fill bottles, as well as an improved font design to prevent overflow.
  • Smart Customisation: The new optimised menu in the G5 HydroTap command centre allows you to select energy modes and usage settings for easier customisation.

The G5 HydroTap range includes four design styles, the Classic Plus, Touch-free, Arc and Cube, available in a total of 5 ultra-modern colour finishes. Whichever your choice, your G5 HydroTap is more than just a tap – but the worlds most advanced drinking water system yet, earning customer reviews like the below:

My Zip HydroTap has all the bells and whistles. I highly recommend Zip HydroTap

to anyone and everyone I speak to. It will not disappoint and will change your life.” 


In the G5 range. Zip Water has created a more beautiful and intuitive product to continue to delight its customers while strategically maintaining the DNA of its most popular and recognisable product.

Powering all taps across the entire HydroTap G5 range is the smartest command centre yet, which includes these new features:


  • A re-designed Graphical User Interface
  • New Energy Settings
  • Enhanced HygieneWith the addition of SteriTouch® on key water surfaces within the command centre, touchpad, tubes, and manifold to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Greater PredictionA new CO2 level indicator shows when CO2 gas is running low.

Elevate your kitchen with a G5 HydroTap, which supports sustainable living, eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles, improves hydration and declutters kitchens. These taps are now available, with limited stock available immediately, and otherwise a 10–12-week lead time for ordering.

Download the brochure: https://fran.ke/olym7E

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