Fancy a career as a Life Advisor?

By Janice Roberts

mm imagePPS, the financial services provider that specializes in providing benefits to the graduate professional market, recently launched its Life Advisory Business Unit focused on advising clients on their Life Insurance products.

If you enjoy helping others to understand their financial needs and enable them to achieve financial freedom, a career in Life Advisory could be the perfect solution for you.

Life Advisors also enjoy a sales environment that allows them the freedom to work at their own pace, but in order to succeed they must be self-motivated and results driven.

This is according to John Marsden, Executive PPS Life Advisory, who says Life Advisory employees are able to work in a professional, dynamic sales environment that encourages excellence, creativity and career advancement.

He adds that people who work in Life Advisory come from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences; qualifications or knowledge in one area does not necessarily mean they cannot explore the world of life advisory.

“Life advisors are continuously encouraged to expand their sales knowledge and experience to develop their expertise in the Financial Services Industry.

“At PPS Life Advisory, we focus on providing insurance advice to graduate professionals.

“This can be incredibly exciting and rewarding as this group of individuals build highly successful careers and retain their policies far longer than the industry average. In addition, they generally have high average premiums and a stable business or career, making them the ideal clients with whom the advisors can grow their portfolio.”

Marsden adds that PPS strives to help its advisors find a balance between work and family.

“A career in Financial Services gives our advisors the opportunity to have financial freedom as well as freedom of time. You do not need a formal qualification to join this team, as we provide full training.”

He says that with the arsenal of PPS products available, designed exclusively for graduate professionals, advisors are able to fully and effectively service all the financial needs of graduate professionals.

“The range of products include the unique PPS Sickness and Permanent Incapacity benefits, life cover, disability cover, accidental death cover, savings and investment products, short-term insurance and healthcare, to name a few.”

Underpinning all the above is the member’s PPS Profit-Share Account, the vehicle through which all PPS members with qualifying products receive all the operating profits and investment returns generated by the PPS group of companies.

“This is a unique selling point as no other life insurance company operates under this model.

“By giving us your time, energy, integrity, commitment and loyalty, we will in return give you first class management and leadership, training, opportunities for growth and a dynamic working environment.”

He adds that helping others to have sound financial protection and achieve their financial goals is an incredibly satisfying profession.

“If this career sounds exciting to you, we encourage you to contact us on [email protected]”.


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