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Fats and oils are essential in the food processing industry and are used in many food applications including baking, in the production of chocolate, in spreads and so much more. Roné Luttig from Savannah discusses the fat and oil ingredient options that Savannah have and what to consider when selecting these ingredients for your product.

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The global market for fats and oils is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8% to reach $285.2bn by 2026. Edible fat and oil products can be divided into two classes: liquid oils include olive, peanut, soybean or sunflower oil and plastic fats include lard, shortening, butter and margarine. The physical nature of the fatty material is unimportant for some uses, but consistency is important for other products. As a dressing on salad, liquid oil is used to provide a coating on ingredients and a plastic fat such as lard or butter would not be suitable. Spreads for bread, food that requires a highly developed dough structure or icings and fillings with a plastic structure require plastic fats rather than liquid oils. One of the important things to consider when selecting your fat or oil ingredient is the consistency that you want for your product. Savannah offers a host of different fats and oils to help in every application.

Cocoa butter equivalent (CBE): Premium coating fats

Coberine 608 is the most well-known CBE fat for one-to-one replacement of cocoa butter, especially in dark chocolate. Due to its fully similar triglyceride and fatty acid composition, it needs to be treated just like cocoa butter with tempering. It gives real chocolate-like eating properties with good snap and without any waxiness. This ingredient is great for tempering fats for super compound coating and tablets chocolate, praline shell type chocolate.

Coberine 098 is the newest product in the cocoa butter equivalent series with an inclusion of another special tropical fat – Illipe butter – which makes it premium. It gives shiny gloss, snap and indulgent eating characteristic in the chocolate and super compound recipes as well.

Premium filling fats

Creamelt 900 is a range of premium filling fats, delivering the maximum cool-melting effect in combination with maximum flavour release. Creamelt is produced by multi-stage fractionation delivering the steepest melting without the slightest hint of waxiness. It is one of the premium filling fats that works very well in confectionery hard fillings (in pralines) with a cool and smooth melting effect. It needs pre-crystallisation when used in confectionery application and also provides a premium coating fat for ice cream applications. 

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Biscuitine 500

Biscuitine 500 is a non-lauric, multi-purpose filling fat that does not require pre-crystallisation process. It gives fine texture, full, creamy meltdown, good flavour release and works very well in aeration in the confectionery and bakery filling applications. It is also a very successful dairy butter replacer in dairy applications such as cheese analogues and yoghurt. This specialty fat solution replaces dairy butter in cheese analogues without impacting on the shape and structural integrity of the products. One such product is the Biscuitine 500, which provides better stability, nutrition and economy to cheese products. This non-dairy alternative has a close melting profile to milk fat. Cheese produced will have firmness and adhesiveness that you enjoy while providing good shredding properties. There are also reduced saturated fat and low trans-fat options available in this portfolio.

Cocoa butter substitutes (CBS)

CLSP 555 Plus is another premium standard for CBS Specialty Fats. While maintaining characteristic of CLSP 555 E in terms of sensory and processing, it gives the additional advantage of higher tolerance of cocoa butter, which gives manufacturers room to increase cocoa taste in their recipes. It is formulated for high cocoa butter compatibility – up to 10% in the recipes. Therefore, it is possible to use cocoa mass in the compound coating recipes to enjoy rich cocoa taste in the products. CLSP 555 Plus is also fully hydrogenated and therefore, low in trans-fat.

Savannah also has a number of other ingredients to cater to all your fat and oil ingredient needs. Contact them to find out how they can help you source the best ingredients for your products.


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