Peristaltic pumps increase their market share in demanding food and beverage applications

The InstruPUMP range of peristaltic pumps, available from Air & Vacuum Technologies, are suitable for high temperature and high humidity working environments.

Peristaltic pumps are widely used in the food and wine processing industry to support CIP and SIP. Metering, dosing, transferring and filling are some of the other functions of peristaltic pumps.

The InstruPUMP range has high filling accuracy – max 0.3% loss between channels. They are non-polluting as the product passes through a tube and never comes into contact with the pump. Units have a friendly operation interface making them easy to operate. Standard with reversible function and are self-priming.

Losing productivity due to faulty or malfunctioning equipment is an unnecessary expense that often results in downtime. Avoiding such issues is a key cost-saving advantage in food processing. This is where the peristaltic pump comes into its own.

Unlike their diaphragm, vane, gear and lobe counterparts, peristaltic pumps have no valves, seals or glands which are the cause of most blockages, leaks and contamination issues. As a result, peristaltic pumps are increasing their market share in demanding food and beverage industry applications.

Chemical dosing in the textile industry


Inaccurate quantities, blockages and equipment failure are not the only problems that result in downtime and wasted money. Contamination also leads to the loss of batches of the final product and requires significant downtime to rectify the problem and clean equipment.

Contamination has become a more prominent issue within certain industries over the last few years. The food industry has had to react to the rise in life-threatening allergies to ingredients like nuts. Manufacturers must be sure that products claiming to be free from certain substances are truly without trace of them. They cannot afford to risk any degree of contamination.

Peristaltic pumps can address contamination because their glandless, valveless construction has no internal gears, vanes or other obstructions or restrictions. Since the fluid is contained totally within the hose or tube, there is no risk of bacterial growth or even product clogging. There are no dead spots. The pumping action ensures that the tube is fully swept, and the suction and delivery orientation enable the pump to self-drain.

Commercial food production

Peristaltic pumps are ideal for pumping food and liquids cleanly. Such as chocolate sauce, salad dressing dispensing, juice production, pizza sauce dispensing and metering out of flavourings.

Peristaltic pumps are ideal for pumping food and liquids cleanly

Other uses are for dispensing water, oil and chemicals in commercial food production. They can transfer solids that are highly viscous from location to location. They are low sheer pumps that cause little to no damage to the product that they are pumping that has solids in it.

They are often built into food processing equipment as well.

Air & Vacuum Technologies: InstruPUMP range of peristaltic pumps

The InstruPUMP range of peristaltic pumps are suitable for high temperature and high humidity working environments.
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