Fermentation revolutionises flavour and fragrance

BASF is a leading supplier of high-quality and innovative aroma ingredients for the flavour and fragrance industry. 

Cadinene – Image: BASF

The team of BASF Aroma Ingredients is passionate to support customers with innovative flavour and fragrance ingredients that meet highest quality standards, transparency, and performance. At BASF scientific strength and excellent regulatory know-how is combined with a global production and supply network. In 2019, BASF acquired the innovative biotechnology company Isobionics®, providing access to fermentation-based, high-quality, natural flavour and unique fragrance ingredients. 

Our Isobionics® product range is the ideal choice for anyone looking for innovative, cutting-edge fragrance and flavor ingredients based on fermentation technology. This unique process ensures constant high quality and reliable availability of products, independent of weather and harvest conditions. Our passion is to continuously innovate for the market and develop flavor and fragrance ingredients that deliver a sensory experience customers desire. In doing so, we stay true to our commitment to use only renewable raw materials as the source of our ingredients.   

A bolder flavour: How biotechnology enables the production of high purity flavour compounds  

Essential oils have been extracted from fruits and plants for flavour use for millennia. However, this presents some problems; key terpene flavour molecules are often in low abundance, requiring a large harvest for a small amount of product. The extraction of essential oil often yields a complex mixture of terpenes that are difficult to separate. The composition of these can be highly variable, as it depends on weather, location, season, extraction method and variety of plant. This leads to a variable product, with volumes and pricing also changing each harvest. An alternative to this approach is to produce the key components of essential oils in fermentation, in a process akin to brewing beer. Through fermentation we can control the complete process – there is no weather inside the fermenter – and this means producing an identical product each time. Moreover, rather than producing a mixture of products like we get from the plant, it is possible to produce a much higher purity molecule, allowing specific flavour notes to be targeted.  


Isobionics® provides you access to the best natural flavour ingredients  

Providing our customers with premium quality ingredients is at the core of what we do. Our fermentation technology allows for strict control of processing conditions so that the quality of our natural aroma ingredients is consistently high. This technology also enables year-round production without any restrictions due to weather or harvest conditions. The result is the most important advantage for the F&F industry: the reliable availability of natural ingredients for customers.  

Our products are natural according to the (EC) No 1334/2008, Article 16 for EU, CFR 101.22(a)(3) for US and ISO 9235 standards, pesticide-free* as well as certified as kosher, halal and food grade (ISO 22000). We are a member of FEMA, IFEAT and NEA.  

 * Regular checks performed according to DIN-EN 15662. List of commodity/pesticide combination can be made available upon request.   

Experience the difference that Isobionics commitment to purity can make in your products  

Delight your customers with the delicious taste and tempting aromas of our Isobionics® natural product portfolio – whether for juices, nectars, syrups, beers, alcohol-free beverages, fruit juices, energy drinks, confectionaries or ice creams. Dive into a world of possibilities and learn more about our vibrant citrus flavour ingredients such as Isobionics® Natural Valencene 75 and Isobionics® Natural Nootkatone 70, as well as selected flavour ingredients such as Isobionics® Natural (-)-alpha-Bisabolol 99 and Isobionics® Natural beta-Caryophyllene 80


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