Flooring system selection

MAPEI South Africa talks through the ins and out of proper flooring system selection.
A suitable self-leveller is important in the installation of flooring solutions.

Long gone are the days when the floor was an afterthought in construction. In any modern construction projects, the floors are now given the same importance as the décor, the wall finishes and architectural design and features as it now contributes to the sense of style, grandeur and comfort in any room.

This has however given rise to the age old overlooked consideration of form over function in newly rendered or installed floors which look amazing – but over time fail due to the impact of the environment as a direct result of incorrect finishes, system or application. This could be because of heavier operational loads, lack of expansion joints or many other factors.

“It is vital to understand the environment where the flooring is put down to ensure that the correct flooring solution is selected and not only meets the aesthetic requirements – but also the functional operations requirements of the room,” claims Chad Tosen, Soft coverings – Product Manager for MAPEI South Africa.

“The proper selection of flooring solutions accounts for various factors and is more than just a tile and some adhesive. Proper flooring systems need to account for many various layers which make up a total system solution for a perfectly finished floor,” he adds.

This is further impacted by the choice of finishes and the application and it is once again important to ensure a reputable company is selected such as FINfloors, newly appointed stockists of MAPEI. “We have selected to stock MAPEI solutions as they have quality products, assured stock and distribution as well as working knowledge, experience and the support we need to successfully offer the Local market a glue down vinyl we are prepared to back and warrant,” states Sasha Kozinsky- FINfloor director

A comprehensive flooring solution includes and considers all the below:

1. No substrate is ever perfect and will need to be treated properly before any new flooring is applied – giving rise to the selection of a suitable self-leveller being needed. Incorrect choice made here compromises everything above it

2. Primers and bonding promoters are imperative to ensure a proper bond between the substrate and the floor, especially in the case of LVT, Vinyl, Carpeting and Wooden Flooring.

3. If the floor is being applied in a water exposed room such as a bathroom or kitchen – it is imperative that the proper waterproofing is in place to prevent any water from causing damage.

4. Correct choice of adhesive is imperative as this is what ultimately bonds the visible layer of any flooring to the substrate and failures here are more often the not the first to show.

5. The importance of choosing the correct finish / flooring solutions cannot be underestimated. A Floor must not only look good but must also meet the demands of the environment.

Highlighting the above it then gives rise to the argument of using a reputable flooring installer who can provide you with the expertise on the finish and completion and the quality and knowhow of a solutions provider such as MAPEI to make sure you not only get a great looking floor, but one which ticks all the operational boxes.

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