FNB Banking App sees uptick in female and cross border users

By Janice Roberts


FNB’s Mobile Banking App has seen an uptick in the number of female subscribers who transact via the app, 54 % of active app users in South Africa are female while 43% are male.

Yolande Steyn, Head of Innovation at FNB, says “Since launching the banking app 6 years ago, we have consistently looked at ways of making it more than a banking tool by including value add functionalities. The most recent of these being vouchers and coupons, which are electronically available via the App and can redeemed at Shoprite and Checkers till points for qualifying products.

The App also has various payment channels such as eWallet and Geopayments. In 2013 FNB Introduced the Zimbabwe Money Transfer, which enables FNB App users in South Africa send money to residents in Zimbabwe,”

“FNB Banking App is available in seven countries across the continent and has seen the number of users doubling year-on-year. Outside of South Africa the App is available in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Tanzania and Ghana.”

The FNB Banking App was introduced in the African markets where FNB has a presence in 2013, and the uptake has been impressive. Overall financial transactions on the Banking App have tripled in the past year showing more affinity towards app banking due to the convenience and value offered and the cross border subsidiaries are a significant contributor to this surge.

In total the FNB Banking App has over 2 million users in South Africa and is seeing user growth across the African continent where the bank has a presence.

“The FNB was rated as the Best Digital Bank in 2016 Internet Banking SITEisfaction® survey, this testimony to the amount of work we have done to ensure we offer customers a tool that is more than a banking app,” says Steyn.

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