FUCHS range of Cassida food-grade lubricants and greases

The CASSIDA range of food-grade lubricants and greases from FUCHS LUBRICANTS SOUTH AFRICA is the only locally blended range to comply with ISO 21469 certification, an international standard for the food and beverage industry.

“We have a state-of-the-art facility that is on par with any in Europe in terms of compliance,” says Jaco Kriel, specialist technical sales. “This gives us a considerable advantage in being able to supply and support our customers with the highest quality products.”

In addition, the CASSIDA range has approval from a range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), with FUCHS supplying various key global accounts. “What this means for our local customers is they can purchase CASSIDA with confidence as it carries the stamp of OEM approval,” says Kriel.

CASSIDA FM Gear Oil TLS 150 is a speciality gear fluid for food-manufacturing equipment

FUCHS has exposure to the full spectrum of the industry, which runs the gamut from canning to processing. “We are able to supply a basket of products and solutions, which stands us in good stead to increase our footprint in the industry,” says Kriel.

With food security an increasing concern due to the Ukraine invasion and its impact on global grain supply, major players are looking to increase efficiencies and cut costs across their entire production lines, with proper lubrication being key.

Looking at specific products, CASSIDA FM Gear Oil TLS 150 is a speciality gear fluid used in food-manufacturing equipment such as beverage and canning. It has been specially formulated to provide adequate lubrication even when operating in conditions subject to contamination from water, juice and food. Instead, this is held in suspension to protect metal surfaces from wear and corrosion.

The CASSIDA range of food-grade lubricants and greases

The CASSIDA FLUID GLE Series is a synthetic gear lubricant for superior lubrication under diverse applications. It has good antioxidant properties to resist the formation of deposits and sludge even at elevated temperatures for longer oil and equipment life. CASSIDA GREASE RLS Series comprises regular load greases with good oxidation and mechanical stability. Effective corrosion protection means components and bearings do not fail due to corrosion.

“FUCHS has such a large product range and is active across so many niche sectors that many might be surprised at the superior solutions we can supply for the food and beverage industry in particular,” concludes Ashleigh Pollen, industrial and speciality manager.


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