Four design trends transforming bathrooms

 The restorative haven trend shows up with neutral colours and employs natural materials.

Design trends represent more than random changes in fashion – they’re the expression of changing social conditions, attitudes and ideas. The past few years have brought immense change, and those design-based companies that are paying attention are responding to the moment. Ceramic Industries’ trendspotters have identified four major movements in design, which they’ve grouped into four kinds of homes, for easy reference.

The biophilic home

Take a glance at news headlines and it’ll be no surprise that many of us are seeking to commune with nature. The biophilic home connects indoor and outdoor spaces, and makes use of raw and rough finishes, and colours inspired by moss, lichen and earthy tones.

Ceramic Industries produces several wood-look, stone-look and textured ceramic tiles that express the biophilic trend. In addition, prints that bring in foliage, like Eucalyptus, Tropical and Love feature tiles, use natural elements in a playful way in the bathroom.

The restorative haven

This is a look with a purpose: to nurture a sense of wellbeing, comfort and safety. The soothing surroundings of the restorative haven make use of colour and natural light to affect our emotions.

This trend shows up with neutral colours and employs natural materials. Ceramic Industries’ Twill feature tile takes the look and feel of natural fibres and turns it into a wall tile. Natural stone is a great fit for the restorative home, and Istanbul and Caesar Travertine are two recommendations from the range.

Luxury mansion

Luxury has had a reboot – it’s less about wealth and extravagance, and more about inner wellbeing and personal fulfilment. There’s a focus on creating meaningful connections to environments, with a nod to other fields like jewellery design, fine art and technology.

Ceramic Industries’ design studio has embraced this trend with their Elixir wall tile, a rich, marble-inspired tile with gold veining. Others, like their Borealis and Opium Charcoal, turn up the lux with striking patterning and a super-gloss polish.

Creative hub

This ‘maximalist’ approach sets out to engage with our emotions and is unafraid of a little whimsical fun. Look for an eclectic mix of retro 1960s graphics and shapes, as well as ethnic African motifs and colours that surprise and delight.

Artistry Terrazzo porcelain floor tile from Ceramic Industries, with its playful colour chips, is a great entry point for this creative look. The Strelitzia feature tiles brings in a bold motif that can be grouped in creative ways, while Majestic makes a striking statement with its otherworldly veining.

These four major trends are a handy way to think about where design will be heading in 2023/2024. Thanks to this analysis, and with a wide range of Ceramic Industries products inspired by it, you have everything you need to create a bathroom that really resonates with you.

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