From bulky boxes to sustainable packaging

Geberit’s latest innovation isn’t just about sleeker aesthetics; it’s a bold step towards sustainability. Say goodbye to bulky boxes and hello to a more eco-friendly future with their revamped packaging for the AquaClean Mera and AquaClean Sela Round shower toilets.

Geberit boxes for the shower toilet from big and bulky to small sustainable version.

Konstanze Smith, a packaging engineer at Geberit, spearheaded the initiative with a simple question: do our boxes really need to be so bulky? Together with Zelimir Blazevic and Adrian Hämmerli, they embarked on a mission to trim the excess and streamline their packaging process.

The results speak for themselves: a reduction of over a third in both size and weight compared to the old packaging. Not only does this mean less waste for customers to dispose of, but it also translates to significant carbon emission reductions – nearly 70 tonnes annually for the AquaClean Mera alone.

But Geberit isn’t stopping there. With the introduction of the new AquaClean Sela Square and AquaClean Alba, the company is doubling down on their commitment to sustainability. And it doesn’t end with shower toilets; Geberit is extending their eco-friendly packaging ethos to other products like actuator plates, with plans to further reduce waste by 10%.

In the words of Zelimir Blazevic, Head of Projects at Geberit Apparate AG, “Thanks to good cooperation with the supplier, we managed to produce the same quality with less material.” It’s a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in driving positive change for both customers and the environment.

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