Geberit SuperTube – the space-gaining system

Geberit SuperTube saves space in every direction because a parallel ventilation pipe is not required.

Geberit SuperTube is the innovative technical solution for hydraulically optimised drains in high-rise buildings. Flow-optimised technology creates a continuous column of air in the discharge pipe, meaning a parallel ventilation pipe is not required.

The pipelines with smaller dimensions, which cope entirely without ventilation pipes, require significantly smaller pipe ducts. As a result, the Geberit SuperTube creates more usable living space.

With its maximum discharge capacity of 12 l/s and a consistent pipe diameter of d110, Geberit SuperTube offers a comparable performance to a conventional system with considerable reductions in space and material requirements.

Space-saving installation

Geberit SuperTube saves space in every direction. The ability to do without the additional ventilation pipe reduces spatial requirements in both the vertical stack and in horizontal pipelines, for example with an offset or collector pipe.

What ’s more, there is also no need for a slope anymore in horizontal pipelines of up to 6m in length. This makes it possible, for example, to install ceiling suspensions extremely close to the concrete ceiling at an offset.

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