Gedore - a family company with an international range

Gedore is a renowned hand tool manufacturer with branches stretching the globe and a history that is over 100 years old.

Gedore is one of the world’s leading partners for premium hand tools. Based in Remscheid, Germany, the family company has branches in over 70 countries across the globe and is renowned for unrivalled quality, innovation, performance, reliability and service.

Over 2000 employees work at Gedore’s six locations in Germany and it has production facilities in Brazil, England, Austria and South Africa.

Starting in 1919 as a small blacksmith firm, the company has grown from strength to strength over the past 100 years. The company now supploes its customers with a full range of tools boasting uncomprimising quality and performance. And with every tool guaranteed to last a lifetime, the slogan, “tools for life” is one Gedore has lived up to for over a century.

Gedore’s offering with over 10 000 tools is the most extensive of any European tool manufacturer. The range includes spanners, sockets, torque tools, pullers, screwdrivers, workshop equipment, axes and so much more – a truly comprehensive selection.

Gedore’s tailor-made tool solutions are specifically designed for a variety of industries, including mining, agriculture, technology, automotive and energy sectors.

With Gedore you can rest assured that the closest attention has been paid to every detail. From qualified staff and intelligent construction to first-class materials and modern production methods, competence and quality are guaranteed and backed by over 100 years of forging and customer service.

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