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With the seasons starting to change and winter around the corner, transplanting and pruning are essential gardening activities to ensure that gardens are ready for spring. Now is the time for retailers to stock the correct gardening products. 

Gardena tools

Pruning and transplanting typically takes place in June and July when the risk of infection is lower. Removing dead and diseased branches encourages growth when the temperatures start warming. Certain plants, for example Hydrangeas, can be pruned as early as April. 

The Gardena range of cutting tools has the correct tool for any pruning application and will guarantee clean cuts lessening the risk of infection. All Gardena cutting products are made in Germany and come with a 25-year warranty. 

Gardena tools secateurs, pruning lopper, hedge trimmer.


Secateurs are used for smaller branches. The ergonomic handles ensure wrist comfort with their soft anti-slip components and can be closed with just one hand using the safety lock. 

These pruning tools come with Anvil and Bypass cutting principles. For fresh green wood use Bypass and for dry hard wood use Anvil. 


The Gardena Loppers are designed to be robust, long lasting and lightweight, which offer the best cutting results. With integrated gears, excellent lever action, length adjustable lever arms – these Pruning Loppers become your ‘extended arm’. 

Telescopic loppers are used for hard-to-reach branches. For precise cutting of high branches and treetops the Star Cut Telescopic Lopper 410 Plus, allows comfortable and safe cutting from the ground to approximately 6.5m in height, including estimated user height. The cutting mechanism operates using a pulling strap on the T-handle. 

The SlimCut pruning Lopper is used for cutting of dense bushes and shrubs – with two gear transmission. The Gardena SlimCut 1:12 transmission is perfect for thick branches and 1:6 transmission for thin branches. They offer an accurate cut and are gentle on plants. 

Gardena pruning lopper.


Gardena garden saws are used for cutting bigger and thicker branches. 


The cutting range offered by Gardena also offers a top-notch range of hedge clippers for trimming and landscaping of garden hedges. 


Mechanical and Classic grass shears are available, of which certain models feature 360° rotatable blades for reaching inaccessible areas. 


A universal axe range is designed for chopping, felling and splitting various types of wood.

Gardena garden tools

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