Specialists in healthcare requirements for safety and security

Healthcare hospitals and medical facilities are among the most challenging design and building projects, and they are increasingly moving away from focusing on illness and cure to wellness and the care of people.

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On completion of the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town, Leanne Alexander, Director of BVA Architects who with Brink Stokes Mkhize Architects, Pierre Myburgh attended to the Fit Out said ‘The best part is that GEZE provide fantastic specification and technical support. This is due to their true understanding of their products and the healthcare requirements for safety and security throughout South Africa’.

GEZE’s automated door control solutions offer exquisite innovative drives that deliver award-winning performance. Security, design and convenience perfectly suited to both the strict requirements of Healthcare regulations, plus the aesthetics that contribute to patient ease of access and wellbeing.

‘GEZE provide an aesthetically pleasing product. Slim, integrated automation which allow GEZE products to be incorporated into architectural design elements seamlessly’. Leanne Alexander, Director BVA Architects

Each healthcare project needs well considered door technology and safety in all areas

While each facility has its own unique requirements, typically ease of access, air quality, barrier free access, security, infection risk control, contamination control, room pressurisation, fire protection, escape and smart-building lifetime maintenance are just some of the crucial areas to be considered.

With healthcare facilities offering greater challenges than any other facility type, GEZE works with architects from the very start of the design process, providing a highly visual, accurate and fully resolved Ironmongery Specification up front. Through GEZE’s free-to-use GEZE EZE BIM process, which gives professionals the opportunity to go faster, architects will have more time to spend on design, in decision-making and managing client expectations more precisely.

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Easy access to hospital wards with Geze Perlan

Image credits: Sally Wellbeloved Photography

Projects specified, supplied, installed and serviced by GEZE:

Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, NMCHT Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, Kiaat Private Hospital, Life Hilton Hospital, Busamed Modderfontein Private Hospital

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