Healing Environment, World Class Child Healthcare

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
Nelson Mandela, May 1995.

Pediatric hospital in Johannesburg South Africa

The multi award-winning Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital is a world-class paediatric facility – Ruben Reddy Architects partnered with GAPP Architects & Urban Designers and UK based architects, Sheppard Robson International and John Cooper Architecture, to design & coordinate the new 200-bed Hospital funded by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

Paediatric hospitals can be complex spaces, which evoke highly emotive responses – and the thoughtful interior design shows deep consideration of the young patients who will be occupying the space. Playful way-finding graphics are appropriately humorous, well situated bespoke animal-formed seating provides wonderful stopping points along numerous beautiful courtyards spaces.

Specialists in healthcare design

This delightful and unique child-centric design warmly welcomes visitors and patients, and a central corridor connects the six light-filled distinctly coloured wings connected by multiple door-closing solutions, providing secure access. The intersection points required multiple door-closing solutions, which takes in to account high traffic reliability, security as well as the need to meet fire and smoke protection requirements. Suitable solutions are… the GEZE TS5000 door-closer with a guide rail and the TS3000 used on double leaf doors with integrated closing door sequence control.

Says Serenal Nadar: Technical Manager Ruben Reddy Architects ‘ GEZE’S specialists in Healthcare got involved –  they engage early on in the process, and openly share information –  and this made dealing with the client easier.

Safeguarding specialist care patients

Safeguarding patients by isolating them and ensuring high levels of infection barrier control when they are in critical care is vital. Door-closing plays an important role in how caregivers access the wards to maintain these controls, for example, sequential inter-locking door-opening and closing which ensures that the next doors open once the former doors have closed use the GEZE EC Drive which provides an automatic linear sliding door system with reliable locking and unlocking.

‘This is a pivotal building for child-care, and it sets the standard for all others. It’s been a privilege to work on a project so close to the heart of a great leader such as Nelson Mandela, and we can simply offer our thanks for his gift of inspiration and vision’, says Kevin Diamond: MD GEZE Southern Africa.

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