Glide Master, the high-security 90-degree sliding gate 

 Boomgate Systems was asked if we can make a sliding gate that can turn 90 degrees. The Gate had to offer high security and be vandal-proof. We immediately got to work and produced the Glide Master High-Security 90o Sliding Gate. It took our development team two months to develop and build the gate. 

open 90 degree sliding gate

Everything for this gate had to be customized as there is no off-the-shelf items available. The hinges on the gate were custom designed as well as the wheels for the gate. Boomgate Systems is proud to add another quality product to our range. 

The new Glide Master 90o Sliding Gate is ideal for areas where you can’t use a normal sliding gate. It can be used in warehouses to create cages where swing gates are taking up valuable space and blocking up driveways. The new Glide Master 90o Sliding Gate can also be used behind roller shutter doors to create that extra security barrier. No need for specialized gate motors, this gate can be operated with normal gate motors that can be purchased off the shelf. Standard safety beams can be fitted to the gate. 

The new Glide Master 90o Sliding Gate can be viewed in our Boomgate Experience Centre just off 14th Ave, Constantia, Roodepoort. 

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Click on the video to see the product in action

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