Global Prebiotic Association welcomes Embion as a member

To drive gut health awareness, Embion Technologies (Embion), a specialist in the development of technology and ingredients for sustainable innovation, has joined the Global Prebiotic Association (GPA). The association is focused on raising the profile of the prebiotics industry through education, sharing insights and building awareness.

Embion Technologies logo
Working with the GPA, Embion aims to drive education initiatives that build long-term demand for the prebiotic category

Life cycle company, Embion is seen as a rising star in the development of sustainable and advanced technology platforms aimed at revolutionising biomass upcycling while reducing waste. Its water-based processing technology converts vegetal and cereal waste into functional ingredients for human and animal nutrition with prebiotic benefits.

The flagship ingredient, Prembion, for animal nutrition, is manufactured from brewer’s spent grains and supports sustainable agricultural practices while improving animal performance.  

Upcycling for sustainable ingredient development

Georgios Savoglidis, founder and CEO at Embion Technologies said, “Unique fingerprint products such as Prembion demonstrate the hidden wealth within wasted resources. They are also the future of the high potential prebiotic market for microbiome modulation. Encouraging targeted bacterial growth in the digestive tract offers real and long-term benefits to overall wellness.  

“We look forward to collaborating with our industry peers within the GPA to get this message across to a wider audience by working alongside brands, retailers and associates. Our aim is to drive the education initiatives that build long-term demand for the prebiotic category. We are also delighted that Jerome Duramy from the Embion team has been appointed to the GPA communications committee to assist the association in spreading awareness of the benefits of prebiotics.” 

Raising the profile of prebiotics

Designed to highlight the advantages of the prebiotics among the public, the GPA concentrates on the distinct health benefits, development, production, quality and science, which underpin today’s advanced prebiotic market. To facilitate this, the association liaises with several stakeholder groups, including the medical community, academic institutions, media, government, regulatory groups and consumers. 

Len Monheit, executive director at the GPA concluded, “We are thrilled to welcome Embion to the Global Prebiotic Association and look forward to their contribution as we continue to open new worlds of discovery in gut health.” 

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