Go water-based with Steposol Citri-Met

Stepan has launched a revolutionary fully formulated solution for household products and I&I applications, which delivers clean and green benefits in a breakthrough cleaning technology.

Steposol Citri-Met, available in South Africa from Millchem, is a fully formulated solution consisting of Nobel Prize-winning metathesis chemistry, ecologically responsible citrus terpenes and emulsifiers.

Household cleaning applications of Steposol Citri-Met:

  • glass cleaner
  • laundry pre-treater
  • multipurpose cleaner
  • oven/grill cleaner
  • permanent ink remover.

A moderately alkaline, concentrated cleaning blend of solvents and surfactants, Steposol Citri-Met can be used at several different dilutions, depending on the soil and surface being cleaned. Ranging from as-is to 1:4 dilutions with water, it functions as a graffiti remover, latex paint stripper and heavy oil/tar removal.Steposol Citri-Met is produced using citrus terpenes

At dilutions in the range of 1:14, it can function as a marker and ink remover, degreaser, bug/tar remover, blood stain remover, carpet cleaner and laundry pre-wash spot remover. At higher levels of dilution, it can be used as an all-purpose cleaner or to clean glass.

Patent-pending technology

Diluted to a solution of 96 percent water, it surpasses the cleaning and solvency power of products containing up to 40 percent petroleum-based solvents and requires a low use level, less dwell time and less mechanical action.

Steposol Citri-Met from Stepan has a low VOC of just 0.5 percent at a 1:14 dilution level; its active ingredients are derived from bio-based sources to provide a greener profile. This patent-pending technology is sold as a ready for dilution solution to meet the specific product needs of brand owners and manufacturers.

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