Grinding plastics and polymers into powder, while avoiding thermal degradation - SPEX Freezer/Mill®

Lenton – digital 1The milling of materials that suffer from the impact of heat during the milling process can be very difficult to grind into powders. These materials tend to smear as they heat up forming a paste rather than a powder. Milling under cryogenic conditions prevents the sample becoming soft, in fact it makes the sample brittle, making milling of these materials far simpler.

These SPEX cryogenic laboratory mills cool samples in a grinding vial to cryogenic temperatures then pulverize them by magnetically shuttling a steel impactor back and forth against two stationary end plugs.  Since the vial is closed, the integrity of its contents is maintained, hazardous or critical samples are easily controlled, clean-up is simplified and cross-sample contamination is eliminated.

The vials are kept cool by liquid nitrogen throughout the grinding cycle which keeps the sample at cryogenic temperatures preserving its key aspects.

A touch screen control panel allows up to 10 user-defined grinding programs for simple and fast recall.

A choice of vial sizes are available to grind different sample sizes or to grind multiple samples simultaneously.


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