Groundbreaking industrial waste solutions

New milestone in industrial waste management as Mpact Waste Management collaborates with Mpact Plastics and Versapak.

Mpact Waste Management

Mpact Waste Management, the on-site waste management arm of Mpact (the leading paper and plastics packaging and recycling business in Africa), has announced that it is now providing sustainable solutions for the management of waste products to other divisions within the Mpact Group.

“These partnerships are already in progress with Versapak in two provinces – Roodekop, Gauteng, and Paarl, Western Cape,” says Marinus van Vollenhoven, national manager at Mpact Waste Management. “This collaboration is a natural evolution for us, as we are extending our proven expertise in waste management to ensure the entire Mpact Group operates as efficiently and sustainably as possible.”

With Mpact Waste Management’s experience and well-earned reputation for innovating customised, sustainable solutions, it made perfect sense to apply their expertise to benefit Mpact’s other divisions. Mpact Plastics and Versapak had their own specific needs and Mpact Waste Management’s on-site understanding of waste patterns allowed them to apply the best, unique, sustainable solutions accordingly.

Mpact Waste Management has essentially taken over the entire waste management process on site for Mpact Plastics.

Mpact Waste Management

Specific initiatives include:

  • A demarcated waste area
  • Installation of a baler for recyclables like PET and other plastic
  • Directing and co-ordinating the movement of “scrap” material/wastage from production to other Mpact Divisions to make use of in their production process
  • Currently on between an 85% and 95% recovery rate on recyclables
  • Provision of a comprehensive, site-specific Health and Safety File that is tailored to Mpact Plastics’ organisational scope and meets both legislative requirements such as those set out in the Occupational Health & Safety Act, applicable regulations, as well as client-specific requirements.

Mpact Waste Management innovated a different solution for Versapak where keeping costs under control was a key focus. The coordinated approach to waste collection and product delivery has significantly improved operational efficiencies.

Measures include:

  • A reduction in the number of lifts on general waste to cut costs; the use of a baler to bale general waste/packaging material will see a drastic decrease in the number of upliftments
  • A better rebate rates on recyclables
  • Placement of waste-handling equipment like bag stands, skips, and a cage for K4
  • Onboarding of multiple service providers to facilitate effective recycling

The results of these progressive collaborations are ongoing waste processing efficiencies and streamlined operations. They are also demonstrating that on-the-ground knowledge and immersion in a client’s distinct needs enable customised solutions that result in lower costs.

Planning, innovative thinking, reliable equipment, and smart use of available space combine to maximum effect. With sustainability at the very heart of the waste solutions, responsible material management and recycling are a given as are health and safety compliance.

Mpact Waste Management’s collaboration with Mpact Plastics and Versapak is another giant step on the road to a true circular economy through economically viable and environmentally sustainable solutions.

The same specialised skills and innovative customisation are available to prospective clients needing solutions and cost-efficiencies for the management of waste products.

Mpact Waste Management


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