Hair Stuff, hair serum enters the New Product Competition

Hair Stuff, hair serum is the first product to be launched by CP Cosmetics. The founder of the brand, Charis Lewis faced hair thinning as part of her cancer treatment. So, she formulated, tested and launched Hair Stuff to restore the appearance of volume in thinning hair, with great success.

A pack shot of Hair Stuff hair serum
Hair Stuff has been awarded the CANSA smart choice seal of recognition

Charis had a vision to produce a brand of personal care products and cosmetics that really work and make a difference to a person’s life. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 she received an insurance pay-out from Platinum life which set her on her way and CP Cosmetics was founded.

Charis studied chemistry, successfully completed the South African diploma in cosmetic science and is currently studying towards an international diploma in personal care science and certificate in cosmetic regulatory essentials through the Institute of Personal Care Science in Australia.

The innovation behind the brand

Hair Stuff has been formulated with the desired results in mind of adding volume to thinning hair. Care has been taken to select only the best materials and blend them in the right way and at the right levels to ensure that Charis’s philosophy of creating products that really work is achieved. 

Hair Stuff is balanced at the correct pH for the hair. It is also formulated with user safety in mind and has been awarded the CANSA smart choice seal of recognition after being reviewed by its panel of experts.

The cosmetic formulation technology, Redensyl in included in Hair Stuff and contains four ingredients working in synergy to achieve results. These are:

  1. glycine – a major constituent of hair proteins called keratin
  2. zinc – essential for cystin incorporation into keratin.
  3. Camellia sinensis (Green tea) leaf extract contains polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants
  4. Larix europaea (Larch) wood extract contains polyphenols, also powerful antioxidants.

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