Hamburg fragrance house launches a new website

Düllberg Konzentra is moving with the times and has relaunched its website, harnessing the communicative power of sensual images and perfect functionality.

Dullber Konzentra website
Düllberg Konzentra’s new look website

Innovation and tradition

For the Hamburg fragrance house Düllberg Konzentra these two aspects have always gone hand in hand. The company specializes in natural essential oils and perfume oils, and in the past few years has set some fabulous impulses in the international fragrance market with its inspirational trend concepts. The new website focuses on the brand’s assets in a visually strong and informative style, displaying its innovative strength and creativity, top quality and commitment to sustainability.

Christian Düllberg, owner of Düllberg-Konzentra: “With the new look, we want to give our brand the face that corresponds to our self-image, our aspirations and our performance. We are a forward-looking family business with a strong focus on our heritage, and so in addition to the quality of our products and processes, we are also increasingly communicating our sustainability principles.”

Responsive design

The new aesthetics of the website not only successfully reflect the sensuality of the fragrance world, they also provide optimum functionality and a clear structure. The design is completely responsive and can be easily displayed on all digital devices, from smartphones to tablets and desktops. Navigation, clarity and user-friendliness have been optimised. And finally, the website has been adapted to meet the current data protection regulations.

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