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Retailers have a choice of Topex stands to display items for different applications.

KDM Tool Distributors is the proud sole distributor of Topex Tools, Neo Tools, Top Tools, Graphite Power Tools, Verto Power Tools and De Forte Locks in southern Africa.

These products are manufactured by Grupa Topex in Poland. With over 20 years’ experience in the tool industry, this experience has enabled Grupa Topex to be a leader in the Polish tool industry and a senior player in Central and Eastern Europe. With seven house brands and over 5 000 products, Grupa Topex products are available in over 40 countries around the world.

The directors of KDM Tool Distributors have been in the tooling and fastener industry for more than 38 years; the sister company being JKM Industrial Supplies – supplying tools, power tools, taps and dies, abrasives, adhesives, silicones, fasteners, welding equipment, safety equipment and safety clothing. JKM Industrial Supplies supplies to end-users and different sectors of industry such as manufacturing, plumbing, electrical, construction and many more. Being a family business ensures openness and integrity.

KDM Tool Distributors formed its name from the initials of the three family members, namely Kevin, Darren and Mike Gorrie. Kevin and Mike Gorrie have 38 years of running a business and a mountain of industry knowledge.

Kevin Gorrie has extensive business knowledge and is primarily involved in the procurement and stock management.

Mike Gorrie has many attributes, having an IT and accounting background, Mike is involved in IT, finance, operations, HR, marketing, import and export as well as strategic planning.
Darren Gorrie completed a BCom Business Management degree and is the sales director. Being younger, Darren is extremely dynamic and willing – always putting the customer first and meeting the needs and requirements of the client.

With the ever-changing hand-tool landscape, KDM Tool Distributors was born with the vision to import and distribute quality tools at the right price to resellers, who have the peace of mind that they have a tool partner who will ‘walk the long road’ together with them. KDM has such faith in the products that a lifetime guarantee is applied to all tools supplied.
KDM Tool Distributors supports long term business relationships with clients. “We owe this to our service, reliability, maturity, extensive product knowledge and understanding of the customer’s needs”.

As with all products, customers are price sensitive and choice depends on the customer’s application of the tool. With high-end Neo hand tools, mid-range Topex hand tools and lower-range Top Tool hand tools available – KDM is sure to meet the budget and needs of all customers.

The Topex brand of hand tool is the most recognisable tool brand in Poland. It is geared at the home enthusiast, woodworker, mechanic, plumber, electrician, gardener and anyone who needs a quality tool at an affordable price. The tools are ergonomically designed and manufactured from the highest quality material; hence KDM is putting its weight behind these products by offering a lifetime guarantee.

Retailers have a choice of Topex stands to display items for different applications. These stands are available as a complete steel stand; namely General Topex Tool display stand, Plumbing Tool display stand and an Electrical Tool display stand. Customised Topex Tool display stands can be made-up to conform to your customer mix. The display stands are branded in the eye-catching corporate colours of Topex, maintained and stocked by the company’s professional and friendly sales representatives.

For more information visit www.kdmtools.com

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