Heating In Style

Heating in style - Finest Fires ROCAL Graffiti 100There are three guidelines to finding the appropriate heating solution:

If the customer wants to heat a lounge used once a week with light coloured carpeting and expensive furnishing, they will want a decorative gas fire, no mess, no cleaning and instant operation.

If they want to heat a bedroom, usually go for gas again, because of the no mess, no cleaning benefit. They will need a flued gas fire with either conventional flue or a balanced flue. It is illegal to install a flue-less fire in a bedroom.

If they want to heat a house of 150 to 200m2, with one heat source and a low fuel bill, they should go for a closed combustion stove.

Safety tips to remember

Check to determine that any new fireplace complies with all the fire and building codes in the relevant community.

Be sure the flue is of adequate size and extends at least a metre above the point where it passes through the roof.

Free-standing fireplaces should generally be at least half a metre from unprotected timber walls and keep combustible materials such as carpets, wooden furniture, paper, logs and kindling at least a metre away from a fireplace. Unless a floor is concrete or tiled, place a pad of brick or other insulated fireproof material on the floor beneath a free-standing fireplace.

Instead of the liquid rubberised products that are often used around flue outlet fittings on a roof, rather install far better metal flashings.

Always ensure a gas fireplace is installed by a registered gas fitter.

Finest Fires is a consortium of independent fireplace shops located around South Africa. All shops are owner run and are not tied to any one manufacturer. This means the shops can sell products from more than 20 different manufacturers and therefore guide architects in finding the product to best suit the application.

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