High pressure & temperature reactors

About AMAR:  Serving Industry since 1974.  ISO, CE-PED, ASME,Ex-Proof certification Exports to over 50 countries worldwide Over 5000 successful installations Over 40 distributors worldwide Quality & certified components used.


Reactor/Pressure vessel System application:


For high pressure and temperature chemical reactions like:

Hydrogenation, Oxidation,Alkylation, Chlorination,Carboxilation, Nitration, Polymerization, Amination, Bromination, Ethoxylation, Esterification, sulphonation,etc.

 . Catalyst screening

 . Continuous flow stirred tank reactors  . Fully automated Ex-proof pilot plants for hydrogenation, polymerization,   alkoxylation,etc.

 . Soaking of diamonds / Precious stones.

 . Reaction calorimetry.

 . Supercritical CO2 solvent extraction, reaction, evaporation, drying system.

 . Gas recycled vapour phase reactor.

 . Fixed bed catalyst, tubular reactor system.

 . Hydrogen induced disbonding tests.

 . Corrosion studies static, loop & electrochemical  . Shaker hydrogenators to study catalyst activity.


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