Hitachi past has a Hikoki future

Hikoki power tools

Mobile billboards and outdoor ads will run on truck sides nationwide.

The Hitachi range of power tools has been rebranded and its full line of power tools will carry the name Hikoki, effective immediately.

Pronounced, ‘hai-koh-key’, is how the previously known Hitachi brand will lead into the future. Hikoki brand manager, Dylan Thomas at the South Africa distributor, Matus says retailers have nothing to fear regarding the name change and in fact have much to be excited about.

Matus guarantees a smooth transition and that sales and service won’t be disrupted in any way. The rebranded products will have the same product codes, same spare codes and same accessories codes – it is simply the brand name that has changed. The products are still manufactured in the same factories. All guarantees on existing tools in the market will be carried through by Matus.  Any Hitachi product sold is still covered by the 12 month warranty.

The big question on everyone’s lips is, why the name change, and isn’t it crazy to do away with an established brand name such as Hitachi?

In short, Hitachi Koki has been purchased from Hitachi Holdings by KKR and Japanese business practice dictates that once a subsidiary has left the holding company the trade name has to change within a period of two years. KKR who is very aware of the strong Hitachi brand name affirm its belief in the brand and purchased Hitachi Koki for US$1.3bn.

The brand name change came after Hitachi Koki, a leading manufacturer of power tools and life-science equipment, announced in 2017 that the company will change its corporate name to Koki Holdings (in 2018) and will rebrand its full line of power tools known to Hitachi Koki for a transition period and ultimately Hikoki.

The name changes are in line with the company’s ambitious international growth strategy aimed at ensuring sustainable growth while expanding business in the nearly 100 countries in the company’s global network.

Hitachi Koki’s world-class advanced technologies have produced reliable and innovative products throughout its 70-year history, dating back to 1910, which serve as the basis for its new partnership with KKR, one of the world’s pre-eminent private equity groups. Through the new partnership, Koki Holdings is streamlining operations and accelerating investment in organic development and acquisitions to enhance its global businesses as a worldwide leading manufacturer.

Retailers can expect the best in marketing support to not only guarantee a smooth transition, but also continue to elevate this high performance brand with its exemplary 70 year history. Your in-store graphics will be refitted. There will be mobile billboards and outdoor ads running on truck sides nationwide to promote the new branding. Expect more product demos with branded demo trucks and specialists going to stores to demonstrate products.

Excellent deals with be available at various trade day’s that Matus may participate in. There will also be branded clothing items for instore sales teams. And lastly, consumer promos will be run in the form of competitions driven by in-store point of sale.

The South African Hikoki website is live and can be reached at More so, Hikoki is represented on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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