Hollard launches new car and home TV commercial

By Janice Roberts


Hollard has launched its new car and home TV commercial, which aims to show South Africans that it offers much more in the insurance world than most consumers realise.  “Hollard was born out of a belief that there is a better way to do insurance.  We’ve brought belief through in how we create TV ads.  We came up with an innovative and quirky concept to show that Hollard covers everything – your car, your home, your art – even your pet or your doll’s house,” says Heidi Brauer, Chief Marketing Officer at Hollard.

The third in a series of ads since the new Hollard brand was launched in 2014, the TVC created by M&C Saatchi Abel is inventiveness at its best. The opening is set inside what appears to be a big home, with beautiful furniture and artworks, and a pricey car in the garage. The house is then beset by calamity – an ‘earthquake’ hits it and a huge ‘water leak’ destroys part of the house. But in a surprise twist, the camera pans out to reveal a doll’s house being wrecked by a small dog playing with a hosepipe.

“The production team magically created two full sets – one life-sized and the other small enough to fit within a doll’s house, featuring gorgeous furnishings created through 3D printing,” says Brauer.  Creating 3D miniature models is a lengthy process and some of the models took more than seven hours to print. “The miniatures are so life-like that viewers are going to have to watch the ad a few times to figure out which shots feature miniatures and which shots feature the real thing.”

“With a small budget, we used the latest technology to get really creative, doing it the Hollard way – with a touch of quirkiness and dab of sass, and a joyousness you will love when you watch the ad,” says Brauer.

As with Hollard’s previous campaigns, the new ad is aimed at underscoring the insurer’s unconventional take on a topic which is traditionally communicated in a rather dry, clinical way.

Commenting on working on the Hollard brand, Tarnee Watts, Creative Group Head at M&C Saatchi says, “There are insurance stories and then there are Hollard stories.  We think insurance shouldn’t be about what can go wrong but what can go right.  The advert demonstrates in a fun way that Hollard insures all the stuff you love, even ones that go ‘woof’.”

To view the advert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfCcsvQm03w

To view the making of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wH8DktcnyM&feature=youtu.be

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