Home automation

eluma home automation, control your home with a smartphone or tablet and even voice command

Eluma Automation specialises in the design and implementation of building control systems. Eluma Automation is all about home and business automation. The company was founded in 2011 to provide industrial system integration and control system implementation services to various industries including, mining, mineral processing, manufacturing and energy management for buildings.

Eluma Automation turned its focus on to specialise in the implementation of building control system solutions for the optimisation of energy consumption. Eluma believes that in today’s technological era it is important that a building can adapt to changes for maximising comfort, energy savings, safety and security. Your building should be intelligently networked to allow the integration and visualisation of heating and cooling systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting, sun-shading systems, as well as fire protection and security systems.

Home Automation allows you to live in comfort of knowing you control your home. Not only can your home now be controlled through your smartphone and tablet or by using voice commands, it even has the option for the homeowner to adapt at a later stage.

You can forget about hurrying home to open the door for your kids or getting out of bed to turn lights on and off.

You have full control over your world – make changes by the press of a button on your phone.

With Eluma Automation, the entire home can be controlled not only with switches but now even more practically: by smartphone or tablet and via touch or voice control. This allows home automation to be managed in a way that’s mobile and smart, precise and flexible. For example, if the light atmosphere needs to be changed, tapping on the touchscreen or a simple voice command moves the blinds or changes the colours of the lights. Experience the future of smart living today.

You can have full control over what happens in your home and business.
You can also save money in the process with our green systems.

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