Hot hot hot!

Why work from home when you can BIBO at the office?
The BIBO express is compact and beautiful to look at (available in a range of colours) while offering instant and unlimited water boiling at the touch of a stylish button.

A well-designed office that is as stylish as it is functional can truly make for a better working environment and increase staff productivity. Now, more than ever, offices are looking for ways to make their spaces better, more practical and, well… more appealing than the home environment most employees have gotten used to over the past two years.

As winter sets in, developers and designers need to get workforces to start looking forward to coming back to the office in the cold. An impossible task, right?


BIBO has the perfect, tasteful solution to keep any staff member both warm and proud of their office environment.

The BIBO express is the instant and unlimited water boiling source – at the touch of a stylish button. Those office mugs will run out before the water does, as the express withstands high usage.

It’s compact and beautiful to look at, beautifully designed with a choice of colours to pick from. With its non-drip function, the BIBO express doesn’t need to be placed on top of a sink or drainage system. It is simply wall-mounted, easily installed and safe to use.

The cutting-edge design of the BIBO express means cutting power bills too. That’s because unlike other water boilers on the market, it has eliminated a hot tank, rather boiling water instantly as it dispenses through the machine. That means zero wastage of water and power.

So while it may not be their bed, the BIBO express is a very, very close second – and it sure beats their kettles at home.

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