House of Paint and Décor on the up


The Décor range encompasses a complete offering of four ranges – Platinum, Gold, Silver and the Utility range.

 House of Paint and Décor is experiencing a growth spurt and the attention on decorative paint coupled with Décor and now industrial paints has proved hugely successful.

House of Paint and Décor store numbers have grown significantly currently sitting on 22 stores with new stores opening all the time. The success of the business can be attributed to a number of factors.

The introduction of the Décor range to supplement the existing Dulux, Plascon and Duram premium ranges played a role. The Décor range – exclusive to House of Paint and Décor stores offers an end to end solution in decorative paint with an LSM benchmarking of 3 – 7. The Décor range has been manufactured under strict specifications and encompasses a complete offering of four ranges – Platinum, Gold, Silver and the Utility range of preparation products.

All ranges include water based products, offer a 5 – 10 year guarantee and are all fully tintable.  Much time and effort has been dedicated to getting the packaging to an unsurpassed level, ensuring maximum in store marketability in the colour coded fun lifestyle cans. The objective behind the packaging was to ensure that the quality was evident in packaging that uses colour to sell colour. It is a different approach to traditional packaging and one that has to date proved highly successful. House of Paint and Décor have pushed the limits in packaging and the result is a structured, classy, eye catching display that encompasses the beautifying element of paint. The Décor range offers the retailer the opportunity to put cash back in their tills with a product offering that shows confidence, is well positioned and well priced. The complete range boasts 191 products.

The introduction of the Induro industrial range of paint with the payoff line ‘Paint just got tough’ has been formulated and designed specifically for industry use, which requires a high level of performance and consistency from its coatings systems. The introduction of the Induro range has given House of Paint and Décor a comprehensive range of Industrial coatings not always commonly available in the retail paint sector. This allows retailers to become a true one stop paint retailer catering to small and large scale industrial clients whilst complementing the proprietary Décor decorative paint range.

Induro is proud to offer a product range that can compete within the high volume ‘quick dry enamel’ and ‘primer’ market. This includes everyone from steel fabricators to DIY enthusiasts. Induro also offers a wide range, from heavy duty twin-pack epoxy products for steel protection and floor coating to basic automotive paint products and primers and other protective and specialist coatings. The Induro range also has a revolutionary, modern tinting system. The retailer now has the opportunity to tint with the full range of Induro products, including various resin chemistries and a range of colourants, all in a single tinting machine – an industry first.

House of Paint and Décor show the brand is no longer just a paint retailer. Décor brings in a third dimension – allowing House of Paint and Décor to position itself as South Africa’s true comprehensive paint retailer – catering for all paint and décor needs under one roof.

Research into new product ranges are ongoing and a comprehensive range of exclusive wood finishing products will be introduced in the near future. The quality and value of the Décor and Induro ranges will give the retailer complete peace-of-mind as new products come on line with the knowledge that the same care and attention to quality and packaging will be given to all new product ranges in the pipeline.

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