How the new minimum wage could affect your business

By Varushka Padayachi
Digital Manager

…and how to increase productivity and mitigate the risk of lower profits and possible retrenchments.

Industrial Buyer sat down with PPO General Sales Manager, Tennille Bell, and MD of PPO, Willie Du Preez to discuss the new minimum wage which increased from R21.69 to R23.19 for each ordinary hour worked on 1 March.

Willie Du Preez, MD of PPO

We discussed:

  • The impact of the new minimum wage on the manufacturing and warehousing industries.
  • How this can impact the overall financial health of the organisation.
  • The typical options available such as retrenchments, downscaling etc. 
  • How Business Process Outsourcing can boost productivity with an explanation of how it is output based. 

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