How to create safe havens without ruining beautiful projects

Trellidor roller shutters provide security solutions that keep buildings safe and beautiful.
A roller shutter fits passageways neatly, especially if the shutter box housing the motor is hidden in the ceiling.

Security barrier manufacturer Trellidor supplies products that bridge the gap between the visual appeal of a building and the occupants’ need for security. One of these is aluminium roller shutters that can be used to create safe havens within a home.

Trellidor security experts collaborate with design professionals to create safe havens that are discrete and functional. Customisations such as the type of motor, add-on safety features, battery back-up, power source and a hidden shutter box are discussed up front and planned for ahead of installation so that the roller shutter blends in seamlessly.

On the upstairs landing

A double storey home lends itself to an upstairs safe haven. The roller shutter is installed wall to wall, blocking off the entry when closed. These shutters do not need a floor channel, so there is no need to cut into the flooring and no tripping hazard when the shutter is raised.

Down the passage

The passageway is the perfect location for a safe haven door. It seals off the bedroom wing to protect people while asleep or if they’re anxious at any other time. A roller shutter fits this type of space neatly, especially if the shutter box housing the motor is hidden in the ceiling. The side guide channels can also be recessed with some forward planning.

Partition a large space

A generously proportioned home might need to be partitioned off to create a safe zone for the occupants. This often requires more than one roller shutter.  Motorised Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters are operated using a hand-held control. They can be programmed to work the way the customer prefers, raised and lowered simultaneously or independently.

Incorporate the entertainment area

A well-used leisure space can be integrated into a home using roller shutters on the outer walls. If this is done on all openings including windows, the entire home becomes a safe haven. This solution is ideal for family homes as it avoids shutting up portions of the home when it may not suit everyone. It also works well for holiday homes that are vacant for long periods.

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