How to gain maximum benefit from using Glycolic acid in personal care products

Berg + Schmidt and CrossChem have joined forces to offer customers unique application guidance based on the latest scientific knowledge.

Berg + Schmidt, expert in functional raw materials and distribution partner of CrossChem, offers customers in Europe true added value by providing exclusive advice and insights on how to best utilise the latest findings on GlyAcid (INCI: glycolic acid).

A new publication by US-based specialty chemical manufacturer CrossChem gathers latest scientific results, focusing on its molecular structure and unique mechanism for improved skin. Highly pure and formaldehyde-free GlyAcid is available in either a 70% solution or in 99% solid form. Depending on the concentration, its exfoliating, rejuvenating and smoothing effect makes it perfect for consumer products such as creams, facial tonics, conditioners and nail care treatments. In the current pandemic situation it is also a trendy ingredient for defending the skin against maskne (acne from wearing face masks).

Berg + Schmidt Glycolic acid
GlyAcid’s exfoliating, rejuvenating and smoothing effect makes it perfect for consumer products such as creams, facial tonics, conditioners and nail care treatments

Combination of application know-how and research work brings benefits for customers

Florence Olechowski, division manager Cosmetics at Berg + Schmidt: “GlyAcid is the current benchmark for glycolic acid products due to its high purity and the absence of formaldehyde. As the exclusive distributor in Europe, we know that application know-how is also elementary. Thanks to our in-house Technology Center in Ahrensburg and CrossChem’s ongoing research work, we can offer individual service and consultancy on all aspects of product development, in order to formulate in the best possible way.”

Findings demonstrate positive effects of glycolic acid on skin and hair

CrossChem recently undertook a comprehensive analysis of available studies and has since published an overview of the current state of research on the effectiveness and application areas of glycolic acid. Being the smallest possible alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA), glycolic acid is able to penetrate the skin, enhances the penetration of other active ingredients into the skin, and helps to repair fatigued and damaged cells. The three-dimensional structure as well as the chemical composition of the structural units in the uppermost skin layers are well-suited to bond with glycolic acid. Moreover, glycolic acid weakens adhesion of dead skin cells, allowing them to be uniformly shed in a controlled manner. Induced repair mechanisms result in a strong exfoliating and cell-renewing effect, not only for healthy but also damaged and mature skin. At the same time, it can also lead to the release of cytokines that promote the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Formulations with glycolic acid promote rejuvenated, firmer and a more even skin appearance, as well as shiny, smooth hair and nail surfaces.

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