How to label PPE with graphics, text and regulatory information

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a profound change in society and the way in which we live our lives to prevent the spread of the virus, PPE is necessary for everyone. People use PPE in the construction, medical, military, and law enforcement industries—to name a few. Laser marking systems can be used to comply with regulations, apply text and graphics, and add legal information and instructions to PPE.

Various types of PPE

What is PPE?

PPE is  any product designed to protect the user; this can be many things; mostly recognisable items are gloves, gowns, masks, safety glasses, ear protection, respirators, boots, and hard hats. All of these items have proven to protect against serious injury any many industries.

CE Marking and Other Permanent Marks

For items to carry the CE certification,  the CE logo is required on the product. Often, the other information may be marked on the product by the manufacturer to help identify the qualifications or restrictions of the product. Incase of misuse of the product the manufacturer may need to place legal information to protect themselves.

Marking these products can be challenging since the material is made of fabric sometimes or smooth plastic that can not hold a mark over time. Ink marks are quick and easy to apply, but those marks can fade with the daily use of a product. Sometimes, labels are used, but these identifying labels are not durable enough and either fall off or are damaged after a few uses. Resulting in manufacturers constantly searching for a better way to mark their PPE products permanently.


The Best Option

Lasers are available in various wavelengths that allow the marking of nearly every material on the market. In addition, lasers give a very high-speed custom mark that will even follow the contour of the part. These marks are permanent even in very harsh environments, while other great advantages of a laser include no deposition of material on fabric items which could affect the effectiveness’ environmentally-friendly because the laser does not use any inks, pastes, or dyes to make a mark and ensuring sustainability. The laser only uses concentrated light to produce a high contrast mark on the product making lasers the perfect match for the PPE industry.

Laser marking solutions for PPE are available from Traceability Solutions.

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Lasers are available in various wavelengths that allow the marking of nearly every material on the market
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