How to reduce dust pollution in surface preparation

By Varushka Padayachi
Digital Manager

Dust control is extremely important in any construction project. Dust can have a detrimental effect on human and animal health and can cause environmental pollution. BLASTRAC dust free machines, available in South Africa from Indufloor, provide excellent surface preparation without the environmental impact.   

Hazards of dust pollution 

  • Air pollution 

Poor air quality is a global health hazard and was responsible for 4.2 million premature deaths in 2016 (Source: Air pollution is also a significant contributor to global warming and climate change.  

  • Health complications 

Health complications from breathing in dust include coughing and wheezing; cardiovascular and respiratory diseases; lunch cancer; strokes; and exacerbation of asthma.  

‘A cleaner work environment is safer and provides for increased productivity from operators as well as other workers in the same area’ 

How do BLASTRAC machines reduce dust pollution?  

Steel shot is propelled onto the concrete surface at high velocity to remove old coatings, adhesives and cement laitance exposing absolutely clean surfaces for excellent adhesion of a new coating or lining system. The steel shot is recycled whilst the dust/debris is powerfully vacuumed into the machine’s dust collector. The profile of the blast may be varied according to the travel speed of the machine. Concrete surfaces may be brushed-blasted (light blasting) or blasted to expose aggregates, depending on requirements. 

As the process is dry and dust free, the suitable roughened surface is immediately ready for the new coating or overlay. 

Cost effective 

BLASTRAC machines are available for hire as well as purchase, enabling customers and contractors alike to choose the most effective option. Machines will be delivered to site with experienced operators to perform the dust free blasting, removing surface preparation headaches, in a cost effective process.  

BLASTRAC dust collectors are specifically designed for the rigors of commercial/contractor use, with powerful motors for increased air flow, heavy duty filters, and components that are protected from dust and debris for longer life. Particulate and dust created during surface preparation and repair jobs can be hazardous, and BLASTRAC dust collectors efficiently collect and contain these contaminants. Easily removable and transportable dust bins are added features. A cleaner work environment is safer and provides for increased productivity from operators as well as other workers in the same area. 

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