How to speed up your 384 well pipetting

If you need to speed up your 384 well pipetting look no further than Integra Biosciences. The company is dedicated to developing innovative solutions to everyday pipetting challenges, and offers an array of options to simplify and enhance 384 well pipetting, from multichannel manual pipettes to pipetting robots

Reduce the cost of research

384 well microplate formats are becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of applications, allowing scientists to use less of their precious samples and expensive reagents, and helping to bring down the overall cost of research or routine screening. However, trying to consistently and accurately aspirate or dispense into these plates using a single or an eight channel pipette is not only extremely time consuming, but is also very likely to lead to human error and fatigue. Integra’s range of pipetting products offers a variety of solutions to improve productivity and reduce errors for workflows – including 384 well formats.

16-channel Viaflo electronic pipette filling a 384 well plate
The 16-channel Viaflo electronic pipette filling a 384 well plate

The 16 channel formats of the popular Evolve manual pipettes and Viaflo electronic pipettes enable simultaneous pipetting of an entire column of wells, greatly reducing the time taken to set up a plate compared to standard multichannel pipettes. For samples in a different format, the adjustable tip spacing capabilities of the Voyager electronic pipettes allow the user to quickly and easily reformat samples at the press of a button.

Eliminate human error

To increase productivity even further, Integra also offers the Assist and Assist Plus pipetting robots. These compact, benchtop automation options enable walk-away processing, increasing reproducibility, reducing hands-on time and eliminating human error. To fully optimise your 384 well pipetting, Integra’s Viaflo 384 channel electronic pipette allows you to pipette all 384 wells at once. It’s small, versatile and easy to use, simplifying tasks such as filling plates from reservoirs, plate-to-plate transfers or in-plate dilutions, and can be hand operated or semi-automated to further improve productivity.

You can explore the full range of 384 well pipetting solutions on the Integra website.

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