How to tackle FICA and win the battle on Anti-Money Laundering

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As technology advances and new markets are created, money launderers, terrorists, and proliferation financiers are finding increasingly innovative ways to use the latest systems, tools, and markets to evade detection.

Businesses cannot afford to lower their guard in the face of this persistent threat of financial crime, as authorities have identified many industries as vulnerable to exploitation by money launderers, terrorists, and proliferation financiers.

The industries at risk encompass a wide spectrum, including financial intermediaries, credit providers, legal practitioners, real estate agents, and dealers of high-value goods. These industries are at a higher risk simply because of the products and services they offer.

Whether they are moving money through bank accounts, changing currency, sending money offshore or selling luxury cars, jewellery or properties, many companies fail to recognise their potential involvement in illegal schemes.

Fight back against financial crime

Financial crime has far-reaching consequences for the economy, society and governance and South Africa’s complex financial landscape presents an attractive environment for criminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities.

Considering the negative effects of financial crime and South Africa’s susceptibility to it, the fight against financial crime in SA has never been more important.

Join DocFox and other highly skilled financial crime-fighting experts at the Financial Crime conference of the year.

The conference is specifically for non-banking accountable institutions and will provide you with valuable insights and practical guidance on how to effectively combat money laundering and other financial crimes in your business.

With industry expert speakers you won’t want to miss, the conference will provide valuable insights and practical guidance on how to effectively combat money laundering and other financial crimes in your business.

The line-up of speakers include:

  • Christopher Malan – Executive Manager Compliance and Prevention at Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC).
  • Adv Jan Augustyn – Manager, Supervision and Enforcement, FIC
  • Esteemed Advocate Xolisile Khanyile – Chair of the Africa Chapter: The Coalition, and former FIC Director.
  •  Manet Basson -–Managing Director at FTI Consulting.
  • Chad Thomas – Chief Executive Officer at IRS Forensic Investigations.
  • Hawken McEwan – Director for Risk and Compliance at DocFox.
  • Carl Muller – Head of Compliance, Block Markets Africa

Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge to the table, promising insightful discussions and actionable insights that you won’t want to miss. Learn more about these topics:

  • South Africa’s AML landscape: Recent regulatory updates and their implications for Accountable Institutions.
  • How to detect money launderers: Learn how to proactively take action to prevent your business from exploitation by hearing more about the latest trends, schemes and threats.
  • What to expect from a FIC inspection: Accountable Institutions often face challenges in understanding and meeting their FICA compliance obligations. The compliance experts will provide an overview of some key obligations and offer practical tips on how to fulfil them.
  • Effective measures for prevention: Hear proven strategies and best practices that can be implemented in your business to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes. With limited tickets available, now is the perfect time to secure your spot and take advantage of our early bird discount.

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